The facilities of AGRI KING Tractors & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. (“the Company”) are part of a green-field project located at Village Majholi, Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The Company’s produces fully assembled Tractors, Tractor aggregates including Transaxles, spare parts and accessories.

Production Facilities

The Company’s priority is to ensure the best quality in its products. To this end it has made a very large investment in state of the art CNC machinery for in-house production of the gearbox, rear axle and hydraulic assemblies. This ensures ready availability of genuine top-quality spare parts for Agri King’s tractors.


Currently, the Company produces the AGRI KING 20-55, a 50-HP tractor. The 20-55 has undergone comprehensive testing at the Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (CFMT&TI), Budni, Madhya Pradesh. The 20-55 has retailed very successfully across India. The Company shall shortly introduce a 40-HP tractor with a unique transmission. Development for additional models in the 60-HP and above range is underway.